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2020 VIRTUAL 100K (62.1 miles) RIVER RUN!

Join us for the month of September for a VIRTUAL 100K (62.1 mile) race,​ where we hope to raise 100K in dollars for the Mercer County Young Life area. Go for a run or walk each day/week and finish the distance together with us - virtually! Each evening, we will send a reminder to enter your mileage, which you will input into a form! Your entrance fee will go toward our operations of Mercer County Young Life and the ministries we have with the following. Any other donations would be greatly appreciated - if we have 100 participants sign up and choose to become a MONTHLY donor, of $85/month, we would hit this goal!! Your help is needed to sustain our ministries in Mercer County that reach:

Middle School friends | High School friends | Friends with disabilities (including the annual Night to Shine prom)| Service Projects | Camp Trips

ALL participants, regardless of how far you run - will receive the above medal. However - every 10K (6.2 miles) that you accomplish, you "Unlock" a River Town along the Delaware River, receiving a "Rivertown email" AND a digital raffle ticket for our RAFFLE PRIZES. The more you run, the more you "unlock" - and the more we have join our run, the more we can be in this together.

10K = Lambertville

20K = Stockton

30K = Frenchtown

40K = Milford

50K = Riegelsville

60K = Phillipsburg

70K = Easton

80K = Belvidere

90K = Stroudsburg

100K = Delaware Water Gap

Grateful that you would consider supporting us even during these challenging times. One thing is for certain - kids need love and support NOW more than ever before. Thank you!!

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